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Hotels in Bali That Provide Free Yoga Lessons

Declared by the most sought after holiday destination in the world by TripAdvisor’s users, Bali is indeed offering abundant of amazing offerings to pamper its visitors. One of the groups that Bali’s tourism industry practitioners are paying attention to is those who are seeking a better balance in their wellness whilst having their holiday in Bali. Therefore a number of hotels in Bali provide free yoga lessons that their guests can join.

Whilst holiday itself gives your mind a refreshing moment that it deserves, a yoga lessons that you participate during your holiday will give you an even better outcome. More than just freshened, your body and mind got a cohesive improvement so are getting back to your daily routine in a completely different shape, healthier body with calmer mind. What can get any better than that?

Taking the benefit of serene atmosphere, peaceful surrounding, and breathtaking views that they have, these three hotels offer free yoga lessons that you can participate if you stay there during your holiday.

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Bali Mandira Beach Resort and Spa

Hotels in Bali - Bali Mandira Resort and Spa

Located on Jalan Padma in Legian, one of the most popular beach enclaves of Bali just a stone-throw away from Kuta, Bali Mandira Beach Resort and Spa is actually surrounded by rather busy tourist area where numerous hotels, restaurants, and other tourism facilities are flocked into rather limited vicinity. However the resort itself is sitting on an ample beachfront plot where hotel facilities scattered on a lush tropical garden, creating a contrast compared to its environment.

Compared to other hotels in Bali especially those located in the same neighbourhood, Bali Mandira Beach Resort and Spa offers completely different atmosphere.

Bali Mandira Beach Resort and Spa itself is a four star hotels. In addition to numerous facilities, it offers activities that introduce Balinese tradition, lesson to make traditional craft, to name an example. Its wellness facility named Sahabat Sport provides yoga class for free.

Learn more about Bali Mandira Beach Resort and Spa at its website here.

Waka Gangga Resort

Hotels in Bali with Peaceful Environment - Waka Gangga

Completely different to Bali Mandira Beach Resort and Spa, Waka Gangga is tucked away in a secluded peaceful beach of Yeh Gangga in Tabanan Regency, far away from bustling tourist town like Kuta and Sanur. The environment allows Waka Gangga to gives its guest absolute peacefulness, a perfect atmosphere for a holistic rejuvenation where yoga takes a prominent role.

For more information and booking inquiries go to the hotel’s website here.

Four Season Jimbaran

Hotels in Bali Right on the Beach

Jimbaran is known as The Beverly Hills of Bali for one obvious reason, string of luxurious properties lining along the hill right above a beautiful white-sand beach. No wonder that most hotels in Bali located in Jimbaran is known for their lavish facilities.

If on most hotels in Bali yoga lessons are conducted in a richfield or other green environment, at Four Season Jimbaran the yoga lessons are conducted with warm ocean breeze gently flowing from the indigo ocean in the background.

Book Four Season Jimbaran on its website

Bali Spirit Festival 2018 Attracts Tourists to Ubud

Its natural beauty that perfectly combined with abundant cultural heritage constantly keep tourist to coming back. Various events that showcase them amplify the attractiveness even further, giving an even more reason for them to return. Among those events is the significant Bali Spirit Festival 2018.

Bali Spirit Festival 2018 is is held annually and this year is the 11th. The event attracts returning visitors in addition to newcomers.

Among them is an Australian tourist coming from Sydney who tells local journalist that it is his 5th time to be a part of Bali Spirit Festival. “I’ve been participating in this annual event for four or five times. It is a very good event and as before, Bali Spirit Festival 2018 returns every year more attractive than before. The most notable reason for me is because we are always invited to be closer to nature”, she told a journalist of a local news channel “It also help to know Bali better, inside out, way more than just the beaches”, she added.

Introducing herself as Natasha, a young woman working as a lecturer in Sydney, the yoga session conducted in the event helps her to maintain her balance. The event indeed conducts a string of sessions to teach participants to meditate, to breath properly, and to be closer to the nature.

The event does not only attract young people who tend to be open to Eastern spiritual approach in encountering life pressures. Also coming from Australia, an older woman named Annie said that she has been attending the event for a consecutive four years. She said that the main attraction that keeps her to coming back is the very pleasant atmosphere. “I am making a lot of new friend here and get myself introduced to new culture, not only Bali but also Indonesia”, she said.

Annie enthusiastically committed to keep coming back to Bali, both for the island itself and the event. “I like Ubud very much, it is my favourite place”, she continued. Bali Spirit Festival 2018 is taking place at Bali Purnati, an artistic Ubud villa resort in a serene outskirt of the town. Annie’s love to Bali is also admitted by her friend, Tiscka, a Swiss citizen who lives in Myanmar. “Bali is an incredible place, I do not know anyone who does not fall in love with it”, she said.

Representing the authority, the Expert Staff Multicultural Ministry of Tourism, Esthy Reko Astuti, express her pleasure to see the enthusiasm of foreign tourists who participate Bali Spirit Festival 2018. “It is a very interesting package and more importantly is very well prepared. So actually it is no wonder that it can attract thousands of participants from more than 50 countries. Bali Spirit Festival 2018 as well as its previous years brings a significant impact to Bali as a tourism destination, she told the journalists in a general interview session. Esthy is also the Chairman of the 2018 Calendar of Events of the Tourism Ministry.

at the same time Indonesian Tourist Minister, Arief Yahya, also give a praise Bali Spirit Festival 2018 as its successfully attract thousands of visiting tourist into the country. He admitted that events are integral part of Indonesian tourism promotion. “Promotion is essential in brand management”, she told the press. “Bali is a good product, but being a good product alone is not enough, we need maximum promotion to get the best result possible”, he added.

If you are looking for more information about this interesting event, visit the organiser’s website here.

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