What Do Most of Our Clients Look in Bali Villas ?

Bali Beachfront Villas


Nothing worth to be compared with having the warm sand of tropical beach right at your doorstep! It is the very reason why our Bali beachfront villas are occupied almost all year long and those interested to get a slot make their reservation way in advance.

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Bali Villas Countryside

Classic Balinese Countryside

To many, beyond the warm tropical sun and gorgeous beaches, the most prominent attraction of Bali is its rich cultural heritage which surprisingly completely remains in Balinese living. A stay in these Bali villas will bring you into the very heart of Balinese tradition.

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Bali Ocean View Villas

Hill with Ocean View

If waking up to the breathtaking view of the ocean intrigue your imagination, then these villas are your perfect choices. In their height, these villas are designed to maximize the joy of expansive views. You can gaze from sunrise to sunset without getting bored.

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Bali Villas: Most Desirable Areas

Being a small island located close to the equator, the tropical atmosphere can be enjoyed anywhere in Bali. However, surrounding environment infused unique characters, and therefore each part of Bali is uniquely different. Taking it into account when searching for a perfect villa for your holiday is very important, so you will spend your holiday in an area that perfectly fit your interest. Looking into the choices taken by our previous clients who had their holiday in one of our Bali villas, the three areas below are the most popular ones.


The rocky hills at the southern peninsula of Bali is also known as “The Beverly Hills of Bali” for an obvious reason, string of ultra-luxurious private villas, most of which blessed with breathtaking ocean views all day long.

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Extending Kuta to the north, Seminyak is a beachfront enclave where Kuta’s vibrance reinvented in a modern and stylish way. Seminyak villas offer their guests restful oasis in the middle of colorful happenings and the beach.

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Known as the cultural capital of Bali, Ubud allows you to experience authentic Balinese tradition at its best. In Ubud you will find a different tropical color, yellowish green of verdant rice fields and lush tropical forest instead of blue.

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Villas in Other Parts of Bali





It is save to advise that when it comes to the area where our Bali villas are located, popularity has nothing to do with quality. Across the whole island, Bali in general has similar quality in most parameters related to tourism activity, including infrastructure, public service, security, etc. The sole distinction is environmental characteristics. Seminyak is more vibrant whilst Ubud offers absolute peacefulness to name an example.

The decision therefore completely depends to your personal preference. Some tend to believe in the mainstream, take what most others chose. Others prefers to distinguished themselves from the rest by choosing something what others do not. Some frequent visitors choose the same area where they found themselves comfortable in their previous visits. Other frequent visitors choose another in the name of variation.

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Seminyak, South-West Coast

Bukit, South Peninsula

Ubud, Central Highland

Canggu, South-West Coast

Sanur, South-East Coast

Jimbaran, South Peninsula


1 to 2 Bedrooms

3 to 4 Bedrooms

5 to 6 Bedrooms

7 to 8 Bedrooms

More than 8 Bedrooms



Close to the Beach

Hill with Expansive View

Classic Countryside

Resort Town


Luxury Villas

Holiday Villas

Budget Villas

Full List of Bali Villas in Our Portfolio

Fortunately the idea of enjoying holiday in the privacy of a private home is not an exclusive privilege to those who prepared to spend thousands of dollars a night. We have private villas priced as low as $200 per night. They do not have silk bed sheets, acres of garden, or breathtaking ocean view, but quality of both the properties and their services are also guaranteed. They also have all private villas are expected to have in addition to bedrooms with private en-suites. Ample living spaces, kitchen, garden, private pool, and adequate staffs.

Soham Bali Luxury Villas above Pandawa Beach

Soham @ Sohamsa Estate

BUKIT, BALI 5br – Located atop rocky cliff right above the popular Pandawa Beach, Villa Soham and its sibling Villa Hamsa offer breath taking ocean views all day long. Both villas have 9 bedrooms in total.

Expansive Garden of the Luxurious Kaba Kaba Estate Bali

Kaba Kaba Estate

TABANAN, BALI 8br – Finding Bali villas with expansive view is probably quite easy. But what if that expansive view is actually the part of the villa itself? That is what Kaba-Kaba Estate offers to its guests.

Bali holiday villas in Canggu Villa Kalyani

Villa Kalyani

CANGGU, BALI 5br – Extending its spacious garden is sea of rice fields gently sloping to the beach. Your view is changing colour of the rice fields that meets the turquoise ocean and indigo sky along the horizon.

Villa Pushpapuri Bali Beachfront Villas in Sanur

Villa Pushpapuri

SANUR, BALI 4br – As most Bali villas are built on the south-east coast and south peninsula where most Bali’s tourism happenings are taking place, Villa Pushpapuri brings in the peacefulness of the east.

Poolside Area of Villa San Bali Villas in Ubud

Villa San

UBUD, BALI 6br – Most Bali villas in Ubud are located in secluded outskirt. Villa San is completely different. Its comfortable villa living experience is available only a stone-throw away from Ubud Palace.

Seminyak Villas Bali Sayang d

Sayang d’Amour

SEMINYAK, BALI 6br – Space is the most expensive luxury in Seminyak and Villa Sayang d’Amour have it in abundance. One of the most spacious villa in Seminyak, a rare proposition that you just can’t miss.

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Explore Beyond Bali …

Lombok Villas

If your holiday period is rather long or you are a frequent visitors to Bali, you may want to consider spending a part of your holiday in other destination beyond Bali. Indonesia is a huge archipelago of more than 17,000 islands, most of which are as attractive as Bali, if not even more. Unfortunately whilst the government is continuously improving them, when it comes to private accommodation at the same grade as Bali villas, currently we only have Lombok. Separated by a narrow strait, Lombok is reachable in a short 30 minutes flight. Find out more about Lombok here.

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Choosing to spend your holiday in Bali will immediately give you access to abundant of joy, and expansive choice of Bali villas are one of them. However things are constantly changing and therefore looking closely into the latest news and updates can bring significant additional benefit. For example, we all know that one of the main attraction Bali has to offer is its tradition, they perform ceremonies every single day. But being the witness of rare ones like the latest royal cremation – for example – is a completely different story.

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