If you come to Bali these days, you will be “welcomed” by a lot of campaign materials in different forms. Signs, banners, backdrops, flags, many of which in amazingly gigantic size as well as people wearing similar kind of clothes and accessories. The general election will be held on June 27th when Bali will then have a new Governor to lead the provincial administration for the following 5 years. By Indonesian law, the current governor can not be nominated as he is now in his second period.

Running into the election are Rai Mantra, the current Mayor of Denpasar and Wayan Koster who is currently representing Bali in Indonesian national House of Representatives. Vice Governor candidate to Rai Mantra is the current Vice Governor Sudikerta. On the opposing front, candidate for Vice Governor to Wayan Koster comes from Ubud Royal Family who is also the current Regent of Gianyar, Cok Ace.

At the same time, the Regency of Klungkung will also elect a new Regent. Bali and Klungkung are among 171 Indonesia province, cities, and regencies to have regional general election on June 27th, 2018.

Whilst Balinese is known for friendly manner, tension gets warmer as each candidates are trying to mobilize their supporter to gain votes. Nevertheless, the authority are working intensively to have everything in check whilst the Police Department guarantees that Bali remains a save and friendly destination to visiting tourists. If you happen to come to Bali during this period, you will witness a significant event in Indonesian democracy.

Something that you may have to be aware is that campaigns and rallies that involve vast number of people may affect the traffic. You may find them attractive event to see. Otherwise you may want to talk to your driver or guide to plan your trip so you are not trapped in traffic congestion.