China Leads the Top Inbound Countries to Thailand

Being the world largest travel community on the cyberspace, TripAdvisor has been considered as one of the most respectable barometers in global tourism industry. With its significant number of users accessing from every corner of the globe, its insights are quite accurate. Recently TripAdvisor published the most searched destinations in Thailand.

The Most Popular Destinations in Thailand

What is your favorite destination in Thailand?

Whilst Thailand has very colorful traditional heritage, the most sought after attraction by international travelers are beaches and islands. Lies in tropical area, Thailand has a long string of beautiful beaches, some of which are more popular than the others. For the first time, Krabi enters the top five Thailand destinations. Measured in terms of search traffic growth, Krabi records the highest increase of 41%.

Beaches and islands prove to be Thailand’s most powerful attractions for international travelers, with Krabi entering TripAdvisor’s top five Thai destinations in terms of search traffic growth for the first time this year, after registering the highest increase at 41%. Following Krabi in top three are two beaches in Phuket namely Kathu and Nai Yang, each gets 37% and 31%. The highest position for non-beach destinations sets at the fourth, where Chiang Mai gets 10% increase in search. Hat Yai near the Malaysian border completes the top five.

Top Tourist Feeders to Thailand

When it comes to the origin of people who search for Thailand destinations, China remains the top contributor, recording the highest increase percentage in search traffic on TripAdvisor of 30%, way higher than the global average of 4%. India and Indonesia follows on the second and third places with 16% and 12% respectively. Based on the statistic published by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (ToT), China and Russia are the largest tourist feeders to Thailand in the first half of 2017.

Chinese travelers do not take too much time to plan their trip to Thailand. In average the plan their Thailand trip only 51 day prior to departure, slightly shorter than the global average of 65 days in advance. Travelers from the US, the UK and Australia stay for an average of six nights and take the longest to plan, with lead times of 108, 102 and 82 days respectively.

However, when it comes to length of stays, Chinese is recorded as the shortest. In average, Chinese travelers stay 4 days in Thailand. Shorter than 5 days of global average. Russian travelers make the longest stays of 11 days in average.